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Iraqi Airways Ankara-Baghdad flights are starting

Iraqi airways start Ankara flights, after connecting to Europe via Istanbul.  Miadtur, the official representative of Iraqi Airways in Turkey has resulted it's efforts. A new era begins with flights from Ankara, in addition to flights from Istanbul only.

The flights between Ankara and Baghdad will operate two days a week, on every Monday and Wednesday. Baghdad departure time is set at 09:00, and from Ankara will be at 12:00. Ankara and Baghdad flight ticket prices went on sale with prices starting at around $ 300. Iraqi Airways' official representative of Turkey, Miadtur, has completed preparations for ticket sales and airport ground services. Ankara - Baghdad flight tickets can be obtained from Miadtur sales offices in Ankara. Miadtur's headquarters is at Elmadağ-Taksim, and also there are branch offices at Aksaray, Ataturk Airport, Ankara Kızılay, Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Antalya Airport and at Yalova.

Miadtur authorities announced that they have efforts to start Antalya flights right after Ankara -Baghdad route.

Iraqi Airways operate flights to 5 different destinations from Istanbul. 7 days a week from Istanbul to Baghdad, 2 days in a weekfrom Basra and Najaf, 3 days in a week from Arbil and 2 days in a week (in the summer time) from Sulaimaniyah are realised.

Being operated the international flights with the planes rent from the other airlines after the Gulf War, Iraqi Airways began to serve with it's own Airbus A320-214 planes till February 2013. To expand it's fleet Iraqi Airways has ordered several new planes.

Miadtur, was established in 2010 as a member of Association of TurkishTravel Agencies (Certificate Group A) and Ministry of Culture and Tourism. As a member of IATA also, Miadtur give represantation,supervision and management services, with it's Group C Operating Licence from General Directorate of State Airports Authority.

Having made a quick introduction to the aviation business, Miadtur serve the best for catering, fueling, handling, cleaning and Slot-Permi to various airlines.

You can call 0212 465 81 51 or reach to Miadtur from official website www.miadtur.com or ticket@miadtur.com by email.

Iraqi Airways Ankara-Baghdad flights are starting
Iraqi Airways Ankara-Baghdad flights are starting
Iraqi Airways Ankara-Baghdad flights are starting
Iraqi Airways Ankara-Baghdad flights are starting
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