Türk Bayrağı İngiltere Bayrağı Irak Bayrağı

We have always attached importance to dreams…

Environmentally-conscious, nature-respecting projects…

Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

We are on the side of projects that make life easier.

Our target is companies which are “pioneer in their field, expert in global market”.


We manage our recruitment process within “Competence-Based Interview” systematics and by “Ability Test” practices which we implement in certain positions.


We transfer the job applications from different sources such as mail, e-mail, internet site, personal application or the suggestions of our company employees to our candidate pool and assess the applications having the necessary competences and satisfying the position necessities in line with our requirements.


We make an employment offer to the candidates whom we deem suitable as a result of selection process and we say “Welcome to NUN Group” to our new colleague in case the offer is accepted and we inform the candidates whom we don’t deem suitable about the result.


We support our employees having started to work recently by orientation and on-the-job trainings; we ensure their adaptation to our company and their tasks. 

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